We are looking for the perfect team members to add to our salon & spa company!

What does that require?!

  1. a team player... we all help each other & work within the salon together.
  2. understands client and co-worker confidentiality
  3. doesn't take short cuts!
  4. always pushing to learn more and more
  5. loves their job and their workspace
  6. has a healthy work - life balance and expectations

If this sounds like you, then we want you!

Please send us an email of your resume and cover letter by clicking on the envelope icon below and lets get this interview process going!


Apprentice stylist

Just starting out? Or a few years in still building your clientele and eager to learn and build it faster!? Then this is the spot we want you for!! You will have part time apprentice/assisting and part time accepting clientele and learn all the tricks to the trade that our established stylists are known for and more!


Close to retaining that journeyman status, have an almost full book but wanting to fill it even more? Come learn from our team of highly talented and sought after stylists setting hours that work for your already established clientele while picking 1 full day or 2 part time days to learn and master some new skills to add to your portfolio and bring in those new clients your wanting, this is the spot for you!

journeyman/master stylist

Stuck in a rut at your current salon or in your home? Wanting a brand new vibe with a supportive and bubbly tribe? This is the spot for you!! Choose whats best for you, chair rental or commission! We work around what suits your life the best and nothing less than that, we understand at this point in your career/life work life balance is a must because your clients are already in your personal groove and so is your home life. Lets work together and create magic!

Medical esthetician

Are you obsessed with good skin? You understand some women are confident in their skin and others are not as much but love to help them each feel even more confident just by fixing their skin appearance? We know first hand that skin is extremely important at all stages of life, thats why we are looking for someone who knows the ins and outs of more than your average facial or body wrap and specializes in just that!

permanent makeup

All the rage the last few years and we believe that it is here to stay! Permanent makeup of all kinds, lips, brows, freckles, eye liner, teeth whitening and more. Have you taken and want to take more and more training to become all things certified in permanent makeup, maybe even double certified? We’ve offered it before and want to have it back, we get asked all the time about it so we are itching to have it back and so is our clients!

makeup artist (freelance welcome)

Want to be apart of our beauty squad? We know most makeup artists are on their own thats why we have it in brackets! If you are looking for a part time gig doing wedding parties together or if your wanting to be full time on fridays and saturdays offering your makeup skills to beautify those women on their special day or for a night out on the town, come be apart of a salon experience where the client can enjoy being beautified like famous person!


Is there something that we may have missed that pertains to the beauty industry in a way? Please let us know by sending us your resume too.

||nurses, please note we do not have a Dr. on site for botox, injections etc||

Why choose Saffyre?

  • well known salon in East Regina with highly trained and sought after stylists and estheticians

  • ample amounts of free parking, like a lot!

  • extremely easy to get to from any area in or outside Regina

  • busy walk in and stylist request salon

  • FREE education in and out of salon

  • paid holidays all year round

  • flexible scheduling to balance work & home life

  • top of the line retail and color product for in salon and at home maintenance

  • green circle recycling salon; we love our earth!

  • retail sales commissions

  • competitive wage, commission and chair/room rental

  • option to work your way up to a chair rental stylist and still have a salon support

  • marketing and advertising

  • online booking available 24/7

  • social media bootcamp to gain and retain clients

  • we are a team, we work as a team, we always have each others backs!

  • we love our jobs and will be sure you love yours too

  • health canada approved cleanliness salon and spa

These are a few things that we love about our company and offer to our team, we can’t wait to meet you!